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Sera Marin Biotop Cube 130 - Sera Biotop

Sera Marin Biotop Cube 130  - Sera Biotop

Be it corals, clownfish or cardinalfish – setup and maintenance of your own biotope come first in the saltwater aquarium hobby. An aquarium completely equipped from the beginning is advisable so the aquarist can fully concentrate  on animals, ornamental algae and the decoration.


Besides filter, pump and lighting hood the new sera marin Biotop Cube 130 contains all required technical equipment for saltwater biotopes. The complete aquarium is ready for use and biologically active right away, and it provides modern design.

Light intensity, currents and water parameters are but a few factors that must be monitored in a biotope aquarium. Extensive technical equipment is therefore required for setup and maintenance, including feed pump and aquarium heater as well as internal filter, protein skimmer, UV clarifier and various aquarium lamps. It is convenient when all technical components for the saltwater biotope are included when purchasing the aquarium – as is the case with the new sera marin Biotop Cube 130.


With its bow front made of polished glass, the 130 liter saltwater aquarium is a very decoratively and modern designed. Also, the innovative aquarium cover is very practical: Due to the innovative pushing and lift-up technology it can conveniently be folded up and back – the cover neither needs to be removed nor leaned against the wall. The small front flap provides an additional opening for food or care products.


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