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Sera Marin Biotop Cube 130

Be it corals, clownfish or cardinalfish – setup and maintenance of your own biotope come first in the saltwater aquarium hobby. An aquarium completely equipped from the beginning is advisable so the aquarist can fully concentrate  on animals, ornamental algae and the decoration.  Besides filter, pump and lighting hood the...

BiOrb 60 - Biorb

BiOrb 60 - Biorb

If you thought the original biOrb had everything, you can now have even more with the biOrb 60 (60L/16 Gallon). With more space for your fish, it offers even more choice. The biOrb 60 has our largest biological filtration and can be converted into a complete marine aquarium. The biOrb 60 packs all these features into an aquarium that looks great in any home.

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